Driving Simulator

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Driving Simulator

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Experience real-life situations in a driver training simulator. Unlike other workplaces, the roadway is not a closed environment. The main objective of this training is to prepare drivers for the actual emergency driving experiences they could encounter on our roadways.

Driving Simulator Benefits & Features


The simulator provides realistic, real-world driving environments to train drivers how to recognize and anticipate hazardous situations. Specific benefits include: 

  • Accident Reduction: Simulation training reinforces positive decision making in a realistic, risk-free environment, thus reducing the likelihood of preventable accidents. 

  • Reinforce Driving Skills: Practical off-road training on different terrains and for different road and atmospheric conditions, enhances initial driver training, periodic training, and driver assessments. 

  • After Action Reviews: Instructors provide complete, consistent, objective feedback on performance, which gives drivers the skills and confidence to drive more safely and more efficiently. 

  • Reduce Equipment Costs: Minimize the maintenance and damage to company-owned equipment. Training on the simulator keeps vehicles on the road and earning revenue. 

  • Fuel Efficient/Economic Driving: Realize fuel savings through better fuel management training. 

  • Complete Solution: In addition to the hands-on simulation experience, Northwood Tech instructors have real-life experience and curriculum in driver safety and motor vehicle safety programs. 


Key features: 

  • Users choose between various truck, first responder, or EMS vehicles, plus car, bus/van, dump truck or snow plow. The driver training simulator will benefit a wide range of occupations, such as: truck drivers, firefighters, police officers, bus drivers, public works employees, and salespeople. 

  • Simulator uses three plasma screens to give drivers the feel of a real “vehicle” with real instruments 

  • Interact with vehicles, weather, and other hazards

  • Realistic system reacts to your actions: for instance, if you miss the gear on the stick shift setting, it rattles and shakes just like a real truck

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The equipment is located in a simulator classroom at Northwood Tech-Rice Lake and Northwood Tech will provide a trained instructor to teach a customized session. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment.


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