Pharmacy Technician Requirements & Application

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From submitting your application to admission to registration, Northwood Tech is available to help guide you through the admissions process. To help you successfully complete this program, Northwood Tech has developed a set of program requirements and functional ability criteria. For students with a disability, reasonable accommodations are available to help you be successful in the program of your choice. 

Admission Requirements

The first step to get admitted is to fill out a Northwood Tech application, and Northwood Tech will guide you from there. If you're not quite ready to become a student, visit a campus to get the full Northwood Tech experience. A campus tour will give you the opportunity to meet staff, instructors and students, tour the campus and get a real feel for the campus culture. 

2022-23 Pharmacy Technician Program Additional Information will be available April 2022.

Program-Specific Requirements

  • Submit Background Check fee
  • Have an acceptable Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check, National Criminal Background Check Minnesota Caregiver Background Check (if applicable), and other states if applicable
  • Pass a physical exam, have current immunizations and demonstrate negative status for tuberculosis (Tb)
    • Decision to not receive vaccinations may limit ability to obtain clinical placement based upon meeting site placement requirements
  • Review and sign Health Sciences Confidentiality Statement
  • Possess current certification of "BLS Basic Life Support" or equivalent
  • Participate in a mandatory program orientation session
  • Pass a mandatory drug test

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Pharmacy Technician Student Handbook 2022-23

2022-23 Health Sciences & Pharmacy Technician Student Policies will be available August 2022.

Pharmacy Technician Orientation-Fall 2022

2022-23 Pharmacy Technician Orientation documents will be available April 2022.

Pharmacy Technician Withdrawal

  •  Instructions for Withdrawal from PhT Core Courses
    • If you are at this webpage, it means your PhT Academic Advisor has been notified that you dropped your PhT course (536-xxx) courses.
      • If you are withdrawing from your PhT core (536-xxx) courses, the PhT program would like to gather data regarding your decision to withdraw.  This data is useful in the PhT planning process.  Thank you for providing this information.
      • Please carefully review the Withdrawal from the PhT Program form.  You may complete the form electronically and email to or print and mail this form within one month of your exiting the program to the following address:
        • Jami Wallace
        • Northwood Tech-New Richmond
        • 1019 S Knowles Ave
        • New Richmond WI  54017
      • If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact Jami Wallace, PhT Program Director, at or 800/243-9482 x4202.

Technology Requirements

If using Macintosh or Linux based computers, coursework must be submitted using your Office365 tools provided with your WITC email account. It is important to verify with your Program Faculty if non-Windows based computers are acceptable in the program.

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Rice Lake Admissions Contact

Tia Dietz

Admissions Advisor

800.243.9482 ext. 5220


Ashland Admissions Contact

Jennifer Bednarik

Admissions Advisor

800.243.9482 ext. 3195


New Richmond Admissions Contact

Jodi Saliny

Admissions Advisor

800.243.9482 ext. 4339


Superior Admissions Contact

Rachel Lee

Admissions Advisor

800.243.9482 ext. 6243


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