Phlebotomy Requirements & Application

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From submitting your application to admission to registration, Northwood Tech is available to help guide you through the admissions process. To help you successfully complete this program, Northwood Tech has developed a set of program requirements and functional ability criteria. For students with a disability, reasonable accommodations are available to help you be successful in the program of your choice. 

Admission Requirements

The first step to get admitted is to fill out a Northwood Tech application (no application fee required), and Northwood Tech will guide you from there. If you're not quite ready to become a student, visit a campus to get the full Northwood Tech experience. A campus tour will give you the opportunity to meet staff, instructors and students, tour the campus and get a real feel for the campus culture. 

  • Complete Online application/registration process and submit registration fee
  • Have earned a high school diploma or GED certificate; current high school seniors must provide both a current high school transcript and a final (official) transcript with confer date
  • Review and sign the Background Check Disclosure
  • Review and sign Functional Abilities Disclosure

2022-23 Phlebotomy Program Additional Information

Program-Specific Requirements

  • Submit Background Check Fee
  • Have acceptable results based on the Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check, National Criminal Background Check, Minnesota Caregiver Background Check (if applicable), and other states, if applicable
  • Pass a physical exam, have current immunizations, and demonstrate negative status for Tuberculosis (Tb)
  • COVID vaccination---highly recommended
    • NOTE: Northwood Technical College cannot guarantee clinical placement or ability to progress in the program if a student is not able to meet the clinical site requirements including but not limited to; influenza vaccine, covid vaccine, negative tb skin test/quantiferon, up to date acceptable background check, or any other clinical requirements required by the clinical site. Northwood Technical College cannot guarantee clinical placement if the clinical site must be changed due to students inability to meet the site specific requirements. Many sites require the student information 4-6 weeks prior to the clinical start date.
  • Review and sign Health Sciences Confidentiality Statement
  • Possess current certification of "BLS Basic Life Support" or equivalent 
  • Participate in a mandatory program orientation scheduled prior to start of classes

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Phlebotomy Student Handbook Academic Year 2022-2023

2022-23 Health Sciences & Phlebotomy Student Policies will be available August 2022

Phlebotomy Orientation - Fall 2022

2022-23 Academic Calendar

  • Curriculum Checklist
    • Curriculum Checklists are to be used as a guide. Although your academic advisor can provide guidance, you are ultimately responsible for selecting courses that meet a program's graduation requirements. 2022-23 Phlebotomy Curriculum Checklist
  • Background Checks
    • The clinical agencies that host the Northwood Tech Phlebotomy students have significantly increased their demands for background check scrutiny over the past several years. Background checks will not be completed until 90 days prior to start of the of the program. If there are no clinical agencies that will accept the student based on the background check history, the student must be excused from the Phlebotomy program, regardless of the student's academic standing. This is explained in further detail in the Background Check Disclosure form listed above, under Admission Requirements.
    • All Phlebotomy students are required to complete a Student ID Form, a Wisconsin Caregiver Background Check
    • If you are required to have a National Criminal Background Check, Minnesota Caregiver Background Check or other states as applicable, your program instructor will advise you on the process.
  • Health Form and Directions 
    • Health Form and Directions
      • 1. Complete the Health Form and save it.

      • 2. Follow instructions on the form for submission.

  • Uniforms
    • Uniforms 
      • This link provides a list of websites and local uniform shops that sell uniforms. 

      • Find the Health Sciences Professional Expectations and Dress Code in the Health Sciences Student Policies (HS-24).

  • Complete and Give to your Instructor
    • Functional Abilities Disclosure - listed above under Admission Requirements. Read the functions and initial/sign the last page as described. Submit to instructor by designated due date.
    • Confidentiality Statement
  • Additional Information 


Technology Requirements

If using Macintosh or Linux based computers, coursework must be submitted using your Office365 tools provided with your Northwood Tech email account. It is important to verify with your Program Faculty if non-Windows based computers are acceptable in the program.

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Superior Admissions Contact

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