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Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF)

Continuing Education

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Are you interested in caring for residents in a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF)? Northwood Technical College offers a variety of CBRF courses throughout Northwest Wisconsin. Offerings include many of the state approved training courses for community based residential facility staff. Seminars and courses that meet industry requirements for continuing education hours are also offered on a regular basis.

About the Courses

Northwood Technical College's CBRF courses meet the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS 83.25) Continuing Education requirements: The administrator and resident care staff shall receive at least 15 hours per calendar year of continuing education beginning with the first full calendar year of employment. Continuing education shall be relevant to the job responsibilities and shall include, at a minimum, all of the following: Standard Precautions, Client Group Related Training, Medications, Residents Rights, Prevention and Reporting of Abuse, Neglect and Misappropriation, Fire Safety and Emergency Procedures, including First Aid.

Courses include:

  • Challenging Behaviors: This course identifies causes and preventive measures of challenging behaviors, how to intervene when challenging behaviors occur, and how to document the behavior incident. 
  • Dietary: This course will prepare the learner to plan and prepare healthy, nutritious meals using the “Food Guide Pyramid”. Proper food handling, storage, and sanitation principles will also be covered..
  • Fire Safety: This course is designed to instruct community-based residential facility (CBRF)operators and staff on how to prepare themselves to react effectively for staff and resident preservation in residential fires of different origins and intensities. Participants will be taught to understand the nature of fire, recognize fire hazards, learn about early warning systems and understand the use of fire extinguishers. They will be taught to focus on the evacuation needs of the residents, follow the CBRF emergency and disaster plan and how to respond well in an emergency. Participants must successfully complete this 5-hour training to meet the requirements of DHS 83.20 (2) (b) Fire Safety.
  • First Aid and Choking: Initial training applicable to the responsibilities of CBRF caregivers designed to meet the requirements of administrative rule DHS 83 for CBRF’s in the area of first aid and choking. The student will be taught how to handle life-threatening emergencies which also includes how to alleviate choking.
  • Medications: Initial training applicable to the responsibilities of CBRF caregivers designed to meet the requirements of administrative rule DHS 83 for CBRF’s in the area of medication administration and documentation. The learner will be taught general categories of medications, effects and side effects, documentation, proper administration, legal issues of controlled substances and the proper procedure for handling medication errors.
  • Resident's Rights: This course covers respect for and promotion of resident rights. Participants learn how to report violations of residents rights.
  • Standard Precautions Training: This class will teach a person how to handle potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens. You will learn about standard precautions and why they are important in your work. You will understand how bloodborne diseases and other communicable diseases spread from person to person, how to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and learn what to do during and after an exposure incident. Participants must successfully complete this two-hour training to meet the CBRF training requirements of CH DHS 83.20 (2)(a) Standard Precautions. 

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