Purchasing - Quotes, Bids & Proposals

Understanding the Process

Northwood Technical College uses a quote, bid, or request for proposal (RFP) process to obtain equipment and services. Quotes and bids are typically used for equipment, and RFPs are typically used for services. Quotes and bids are normally used when price is the only determining factor in selecting the vendor and there are specific requirements that must be met. The vendor who can meet these requirements with the lowest price will be awarded the quote or bid. RFPs are used to select a vendor based on various evaluation factors, not just price. While price will be important in the decision making process, other factors such as experience in the industry or technical college system are part of the overall score.

Notification of Bidding Opportunities

Suppliers wishing to be notified of all bidding and quoting opportunities with Northwood Technical College can subscribe to https://www.demandstar.com/app/wapp/registration for free. Northwood Technical College, is a member of Wisconsin Association of Public Purchasers (WAPP). Onvia.com offers notification services for other government agencies that are not WAPP members. Varying levels of subscription rates apply for additional services.


Contact Information

Shawna Benish
Procurement Manager
Northwood Technical College

Northwood Technical College is a tax exempt organization.

​For More Information

Onvia Inc, Supplier Services
509 Olive Way Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98101


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