Automated Packaging Systems Technician

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Automated Packaging Systems Technician

Unique in the State

Technical Diploma

63 Credits | 2 Years

Financial Aid-Eligible

New Richmond

Career Cluster: Manufacturing

The Automated Packaging Systems Technician program provides training for individuals who wish to obtain mechanical, electrical and automation skills as they relate to the industrial manufacturing environment. 

The manufacturing environment in the packaging industry is a fast-paced, technical production environment requiring skill to maintain the required output from high-speed packaging machines. The program focuses on the manufacturing industry; however, the skills you acquire will provide a foundation for entry into the dynamic field of manufacturing in positions such as maintenance technician, field service technician/engineer and machine assembly/installer. 

Program Overview

The Automated Packaging Systems Technician program will give you the skills you need to enter a career in the packaging industry. You learn to service and repair a variety of packaging equipment and automated systems. This program emphasizes the maintenance and troubleshooting of electrical, mechanical, fluid power, robotics, and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) components on packaging machines. Classroom and hands-on instruction on packaging machines plus visits to the packaging industry are all parts of the program. You may participate in the Institute of Packaging Professionals meetings each month as a member of the student chapter. 

Program integrates advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0) competencies to meet the regional need for skilled employees.

Program Outcomes

Automated Packaging Systems Technician graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate safe practices and techniques
  • Install power transmission components, fluid power components, and automation components
  • Maintain power transmission components, fluid power components, and automation components
  • Troubleshoot power transmission components, fluid power components, and automation components
  • Electrically connect automation and communication components
  • Troubleshoot automated control systems
  • Create electrical systems drawings and schematics for automated machines

This program is unique in the state, so you'll obtain a unique set of skills that no other school in the state can provide. 

A student working in the automated packaging lab

The instructors have years of application experience in the field that they bring to the classroom and shop to transfer the knowledge to you.

Students using equipment in WITC's automated packaging lab

You will have the opportunity to acquire mechanical, electrical, fluid power and automation skills on packaging machines.

Technology used in the automated packaging program

You will gain real experience while training on real machines and employing real components to complete maintenance, installation and automation tasks.


Through classroom and lab/shop activities, you will have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills using real machine components. You will learn the language of industry as it relates to the mechanical, electrical, fluid power and automation components. 

Career Pathways

As an Automated Packaging Systems Technician student at Northwood Tech, you can earn credentials each step of the way. Graduates of the Automated Packaging Systems Technician program also earn a technical diploma in Mechatronics Basics. 

Develop Mechanical Skills

You will have the opportunity to engage in tasks that allow you to remove, repair and, if needed, replace worn out or defective components.

Develop Automation Skills

Several courses that build on developing automation skills are included in the program such as DC and AC electricity, packaging systems equipment control, electromechanical componentry and basic PLCs. 


The program is comprised of courses that allow you to discover and learn basic mechanical, electrical, fluid power and automation skills. The program is aligned with the packaging industry; however, the skills you will develop will allow you to pursue opportunities throughout industry in general. Wherever machines are creating value in the economy, your skills will be valued. 

Explore the Curriculum

Featured Automated Packaging Systems Technician Courses

| 3 CR
You will learn to research and locate suppliers for mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and automation components that are required to maintain and repair equipment. You will learn to read machine electrical diagrams and trace control circuits using a digital multimeter.
| 2 CR
This course covers an introduction and use of engineering drawings used to represent machines components. Students will draw sketches and develop interpretation skills required for the correct translation of machine drawings. Students will sketch electrical and control systems symbols that are used in electrical diagrams. COREQUIREMENT: 32454340 Packaging Machine Maintenance.
| 2 CR
The student will learn the application of motion controllers used in industry that accurately control position or speed. The student will select the correct motion controller from application requirements as used in industry. Performance will include the installation, connection, configuring, and troubleshooting of basic motion controllers. PREREQUISITE: 32454347 Electromechanical Componentry and 32414380 Basic PLCs.

Automated Packaging Systems Technician is Part of a Career Pathway

As an Automated Packaging Systems Technician student at Northwood Tech, you can earn credentials each step of the way! 

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Technical Diploma
14 Credits / 1 Year Part Time
Potential Careers
Entry Level Electro-Mechanical Assembler, Maintenance Technician, Manufacturing Customer Service
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Technical Diploma
63 Credits / 2 Years Full Time
Potential Careers
Packaging Systems Assembler, Maintenance Technician, Field Service Technician, Line Mechanic/ Adjuster, Packaging Systems Operator
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Estimated Total Program Costs 2022-23*

Automated Packaging Systems Technician

63 Credits | 2 Years


$575 for tools, supplies and uniforms

*Tuition is an estimate and does not include any miscellaneous fees for various courses, tools, books, supplies or uniforms. Program book costs are in addition to tuition and fees and vary depending on course selection and where the books are purchased or rented. 

After the Northwood Tech Automated Packaging Systems Technician Program

Upon completion of the program, you will obtain an technical diploma in Automated Packaging Systems Technician and a technical diploma in Mechatronics Basics.

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Transfer Options

After you complete your two-year Automated Packaging Systems Technician technical diploma at Northwood Tech, you can transfer to another college to continue your education and earn your bachelor's degree.

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Career Outlooks

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The PMMI Mechatronics program helps move manufacturing forward by providing employers, schools and potential workers the tools needed to advance the workforce and close the ever expanding skills gap.

Through a series of tests based on industry-developed skill standards, the PMMI Mechatronics Certification program:

  • Helps employers assess workers for core skills
  • Guides schools in developing curriculum to prepare students for the manufacturing workforce
  • Provides a career pathway for students looking for rewarding careers in advanced manufacturing

PMMI certification tests are based on industry-developed standards and are recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Manufacturing Institute’s Skills Certification System. PMMI works with a growing number of PMMI Mechatronics Education and Industry Partners to further advance this program. 


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