Foundation Board

The Northwood Tech Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of three representatives from each of the four campus areas, four members at-large, and a liaison from the Northwood Tech District Board. The Board of Directors meets in the fall and the spring of each year to establish Foundation policies and conduct business.

Current members of the Northwood Tech Foundation Board of Directors are:

Steve Leino Head ShotSteve Leino

Foundation Board President | Superior 

Michael BeBeau head shotMichael BeBeau

Foundation Board Vice President | Ashland

Shay Horton head shotShay Horton

Foundation Board Secretary | Rice Lake

Heather McAbee head shotHeather McAbee

Foundation Board Treasurer | New Richmond

Lori Gray head shotLori Gray

Foundation Board | Rice Lake

Dennis Early head shotDennis Early

Foundation Board | New Richmond

Brad Gingras head shotBrad Gingras

Foundation Board | Ashland

Timothy Thom head shotTimothy Thom

Foundation Board | Superior

Tom Munson head shotTom Munson

Foundation Board | New Richmond


Josh robinson head shot
Josh Robinson

Northwood Tech Board of Trustees Member Foundation Board


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