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Life & Leisure Courses: For the Joy of Learning

Research shows there are many benefits to lifelong learning. As you learn new information or a skill, you're also meeting new people and exploring new ideas. Topics include:

  • Arts
  • Computers & Technology
  • Do It Yourself
  • Healthy Living
  • Home & Leisure
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Safety & Driver Training

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Learn about herbal and holistic options, including essential oils, that enhance wellness and balance in our lives.

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Discover your artistic talents with drawing, painting, and other hand and fiber art craft classes.

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Explore the outdoors with classes in gardening, animals, mushrooms, hiking and more .

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Continuing Education Course Supply Lists

Taking a class soon? Want to know what to bring? Check below for the course, location and supply list links to find out.

  • Draw Flowers: Line & Color
    • Date: October 10 - 24, 2022 (Three Mondays)
    • Location: Online Live
    • Instructor: Diana Randolph
    • Materials: These supplies are only suggestions. You may use any art supplies. Listed are the materials the instructor will use during her demonstrations.
      • For each session: A number 2 pencil (or equivalent HB pencil), eraser, pencil sharpener, all-purpose sketchbook of any size, photos of flowers, garden catalog images, or real flowers, a ruler, pen & notebook for taking notes, and a waterproof ultra-thin drawing pen such as the Micron brand.
      • Additional Supplies For Session One: (explore contour lines, form, and whimsical drawings) A water-soluble drawing pen or a dark watercolor pencil, a pan of watercolors, two cups for water, smooth watercolor paper or the back of a piece of mat board, and various sizes of watercolor brushes. The instructor will work small— 6 x 9 inches.
      • Additional Supplies For Session Two: (explore flowers with watercolor pencils) A set of watercolor pencils, a small watercolor brush, and a cup of water.
      • Additional Supplies For Session Three: (explore flowers with regular color pencils) A set of regular color pencils. Toned/color paper or mat board works nicely.

    • If you have any questions, please contact Diana Randolph, the instructor, at


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