Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of the costs that you may incur while attending Northwood Technical College. COA includes direct costs that are billed directly by Northwood Tech and indirect are estimates and will vary depending on personal choices. Students can receive financial aid (including loans) only up to their COA, which includes the expenses below. Use this as a guide to help you budget while attending Northwood Technical College. 

Cost of Attendance Expenses

The Cost of Attendance is composed of the following expenses:

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fee rates are set annually by the Wisconsin Technical College (WTCS) Board. Your tuition cost is based on your enrollment level.  These will appear on your bill and account.

Books and Supplies

The costs for your books and supplies will vary based on your program, your classes and books required. If eligible, you may charge books and supplies to your account and would appear on your bill. 

Food and Housing

Food and housing are estimated living expenses. This estimate will be based on whether you are living on your own or if you are a dependent student living with a parent. 


Personal expenses vary and include personal care, clothing, phone, etc.


Transportation expenses are approximate costs of traveling to attend school.

Federal Direct Loan Fees

Fees charged if you accept Federal Subsidized or Unsubsidized Direct Loans. 


Contact your campus financial aid advisor to determine if you would be eligible to increase your cost of attendance by including dependent care, computer expenses, high commuting costs, or  disability related expenses.

Cost of Attendance (2024-2025)

The costs displayed below are estimates based on a 16-week semester or term enrollment. Expenses such as food and housing, personal or transportation may be less based on the weeks you are enrolled.

  • Full‑Time = 12 or more credits
  • 3/4‑Time = 9 to 11 credits
  • 1/2‑Time = 6 to 8 credits
  • less than (<) 1/2 Time = 1 to 5 credits
Associate Degree, Technical Diploma  
(Living Away from Home)
Full Time
3/4  Time
1/2 Time
<1/2 Time
Tuition and Fees$2,410$1,808$1,205$603
Books and Supplies$734$550$367$184
Food and Housing$4,574$4,574$4,574 
Personal Expenses$1,804$1,804$1,804 
Federal Loan Fees$42$42$42 
Associate Degree, Technical Diploma 
(Living at Parent's Home)
Full Time
3/4  Time
1/2 Time
<1/2 Time
Tuition and Fees$2,410$1808$1,205$603
Books and Supplies$734$550$367$184
Food and Housing$1,504$1,504$1,504 
Personal Expenses$1,804$1,804$1,804 
Federal Loan Fees$42$42$42 



Program Specific Additional COA Items

Below is a list of specific programs have additional expenses that include tools, materials, supplies that are required for some courses.  These expenses are an estimation and will be added by the financial aid office to your cost of attendance.

Agricultural Power & Equipment Technician$5,450
Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology (HVAC)$1,050
Automated Packaging Systems Technician (First Year)$575
Automation for Industrial Systems$700
Automotive Service Technician$3,750
Automotive Technician$3,750
Dental Assistant$1,200
Diesel Equipment Technician$5,450
Industrial Maintenance Technician$725
Machine Tool Operation $1,625
Machine Tool Technician$1,400
Machine Tooling Technics$2,350
Marine Repair Technician (First Year)$4,350
Nursing - Associate Degree (Second Year)$925
Power Sports Technician$2,750
Residential Construction & Cabinetmaking $920


Net Price Calculator

Northwood Tech breaks down the cost of education so that there are no surprises. Education expenses are based on the cost of tuition, books, supplies, food, housing, transportation, personal and other miscellaneous expenses. Northwood Tech’s budgets are based on a nine-month school year and do not include costs for summer school expenses. This budget is an estimate, for more details on tuition planning, please use the Department of Education Net Price Calculator.


Seventy percent of Northwood Tech students use some type of financial aid including grants, loans and work study.  Learn More About Paying For College.


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