Advanced Marine Repair Technician

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Advanced Marine Repair Technician

Technical Certificate

6 Credits | Less than 1 year


Career Cluster: Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

The Advanced Marine Repair Technician certificate is designed to provide graduates of the Marine Repair Technician program with the opportunity to develop advanced level skills in the areas of marine engine rebuilding and marine engine/power systems. 

Program Overview

Diagnostics and the repair of outboard motors, inboard engines, marine transmissions, along with sterndrive units will be examples of coursework designed within this advanced certificate. Students are encouraged to select their own project that will increase their level of expertise as a qualified Marine Repair Technician. This certificate is designed to adapt to specific student interests in combination with the advance technological changes taking place within the marine industry.

Program Outcomes

The Advanced Marine Repair Technician Certificate will prepare you to:

  • Meet project completion deadlines
  • Follow proper repair instructions
  • Complete projects that meet professional standards
  • Complete self-directed projects
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge related to select product-specific training


Advanced Marine Repair Technician is available at the Ashland campus. 


Industry Connected

Members of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) and Wisconsin Marine Association (WMA) and Association of Marine Technicians (AMTECH). 

Unique in the State

There is no other certificate like this in Wisconsin. You'll gain a specific set of skills that employers in this field look for in an employee. 

6,000 Square Foot Lab

The Marine Repair program boasts a large, clean modern and up to date lab with state-of-the-art equipment.  

Required Courses

The certificate is comprised of two advanced marine repair courses for those who have graduated from the Marine Repair Technician program. 

Explore the Required Courses

Featured Advanced Marine Repair Technician Courses

| 3 CR
This course is designed to study in detail the process of rebuilding a marine engine or its related major components. The student will choose and provide a major project(s) and rebuild it to the manufacturer's specifications. The student will have to provide the instructor with a list of project(s) and the time estimated for their completion. The instructor will need to approve the project(s) and will guide the student as to the feasibility of completion. The estimated hours of completion will equal 3 credit hours (96 hours of time). The instructor will offer guidance to assure the students success in completion of the project. Lab work will need to be completed during the open time of the marine lab. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of the Marine Repair Technician program.
| 3 CR
This course is designed to increase the student’s knowledge of specific manufacturers' operation systems. The student will be able to complete additional manufacture training programs. There may be an additional cost to the student for some of these programs. Also the student will select areas of interest to study in detail, and provide training to program students and the public. Student to submit an outline of work to be completed that equals the number of credit hours of the course. Lab work will need to be completed during the open time of the marine lab. PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of the Marine Repair Technician program.

Advanced Marine Repair Technician is Part of a Career Pathway

As an Advanced Marine Repair Technician student at Northwood Tech, you can earn credentials each step of the way!

This certificate is embedded in the Marine Repair Technician program.

Marine Repair Essentials

Pathway Certificate
14 Credits / 1 Semester Full Time
Potential Careers
Outboard Motor Technician, Marine Service Technician, Marine Mechanic, Small Engine Technician, Dock Attendant/Dock Hand, Marine Fuel Dock Attendant
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You could take this first and earn a credential.

Technical Diploma
42 Credits / 3 Semesters Full Time
Potential Careers
Inboard Engine Technician, Outboard Motor Technician, Boat Rigging Technician, Electronic Equipment Installation Technician, Marine Sales Representative, Marine Service Technician, Marine Service Supervisor
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Advanced Marine Repair Technician 

6 Credits | Less than 1 year


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After the Northwood Tech Advanced Marine Repair Technician Program

Upon completion of the program, you will earn an Advanced Marine Repair Technician technical certificate. 

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