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Northwood Tech 2020-2021 Graduate Follow-Up Survey

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Northwood Tech 2020-2021 Graduate Follow-Up Survey

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*Mechatronics Basics is a new program at Northwood Tech. No graduate follow-up data was available, so wage data was derived from Northwood Tech's 2016–2017 Graduate Survey Results.



Typical positions available after graduation include:

An employee working on a machine

Entry Level Electro-Mechanical Assembler 

Assemble or modify Electro-mechanical equipment or devices, such as servomechanisms, gyros, dynamometers, magnetic drums, tape drives, brakes, control linkage, actuators and appliances.

Additional opportunities include:

  • Maintenance Technician 

  • Manufacturing Customer Service

Transfer Opportunities

After you complete your Mechatronics Basics technical diploma at Northwood Tech, you can continue your education to obtain the Automated Packaging Systems Technician technical diploma, and transfer to another college to earn your bachelor's degree and beyond. 

Hear From Graduates

"Being a retired military veteran of 22 years, I have attended numerous training schools and programs. I can't remember a level of professionalism as high as brought forth by the staff at Northwood Tech. I've seen a genuine commitment to quality education as well as a sincere concern for the success of the student." 

Marty, USCG (retired)


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