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Northwood Tech cares about students, staff and visitors and aims to create an environment that is as safe and welcoming as possible. If you see something that may cause harm or violates the college's safe and welcoming atmosphere, Northwood Tech encourages you to act as a prosocial bystander. Please don't put yourself in a dangerous situation, but speaking out against demeaning behaviors or filling out an Incident Report are important ways to contribute to keeping Northwood Tech safe.

Be a Prosocial Bystander! 

Here are some ways you can help keep Northwood Tech campuses safe:

Recognize Concerning Behaviors

Behaviors of concern include any disruptive, disturbing or destructive behaviors demonstrated by anyone on campus. These may include emotional trouble, unusual or bizarre behavior, destructive behavior to self or others, substance abuse, suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, hostility, aggression, or abuse.

Report Concerning Behaviors

If you are in immediate danger or notice behavior interpreted as harm or threat to self or others, call 911 then campus security. If the concerning behaviors are not an immediate threat, file a report.

Talk to Someone

If you’re not comfortable filling out an Incident Report yourself or if you wish to seek further guidance, you may confidentially discuss your options with a Counselor or Dean of Students at your campus.

Title IX Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

If you or someone you care about is a victim of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, stalking, or discrimination, contact the Title IX Coordinator or file a report.

Know your Title IX Rights

Learn More About Becoming a Prosocial Bystander

We all have the ability to look out for each other’s safety.

Learn more about your role in preventing sexual assault and being a prosocial bystander by visiting the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

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