Superior Student Services Contact Information

  • Applications and Admissions

    • Rachel Lee
      Admissions Advisor
      Call: 715.394.6677 Ext:6243
      Email Rachel
  • Bookstore

    • Diane Schmitt
      Bookstore Supervisor
      Call: 715.394.6677 ext. 6409
      Email Diane

  • Business Office
    • Dorinda Cook
      Campus Business Office Tech.
      Call: 715.394.6677 Ext:6218
      Email Dorinda
  • Campus Contacts
    • Jena Vogtman
      Associate VP/Campus Administrator
      Call: 715.394.6677 Ext:6394
      Email Jena
  • Career Specialist & Recruiting
    • Kate Flug
      Career Specialist/recruiter
      Call: 715.394.6677 Ext:6366
      Email Kate
  • College Health Nurse
    • TBD
      College Health Nurse
  • Counseling / Accommodations
    • Chris Fries
      Accommodations Specialist
      Call: 715.394.6677 Ext:6327
      Email Chris
    • Dede Maki
      Call: 715.394.6677 Ext:6213
      Email Dede
    • Kent Lundahl
      Call: 715.394.6677 Ext:6306
      Email Kent
  • Dean of Students / Manager of Enrollment
    • Kris Vesel
      Dean of Students
      Call: 715.394.6677 Ext:6291
      Email Kris
    • TBD
      Manager of Enrollment
  • Financial Aid
    • Mike Phillips
      Financial Aid Advisor
      Call: 715.394.6677 Ext:6290
      Email Mike
  • Registration & Appointments
    • Jennifer Itkonen
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715.319.7305
      Email Jennifer
    • Melissa Franta
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715.319.7301
      Email Melissa
  • Student Life Activities, Student Senate
    • Becky Bourque
      Student Life Coordinator
      Call: 715.394.6677 Ext:6259
      Email Becky

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