Rice Lake Student Services Contact Information

Contact Student Services at 715.234.7082, then choose option 1, or find direct numbers below.

  • Applications and Admissions

  • Bookstore

  • Business Office
    • LuAnn Cummings
      Campus Business Office Tech
      Call: 715.788.7137
      Email LuAnn
  • Career Specialist & Recruiting
    • Megan LeMoine
      Career Specialist/ Pathway Advisor
      Call: 715.788.7140
      Email Megan
  • College Health Nurse
    • Syna Carlton
      College Health Nurse
      Call: 715.788.7134
      Email Syna
  • Continuing Education / Nursing Assistant
    • Ashley Smith
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715.788.7095
      Email Ashley
  • Counseling / Accommodations
    • Aaron Staut
      Call: 715.788.7038
      Email Aaron
    • Catrina Everitt
      Call: 715.788.7154
      Email Catrina
    • Rachel Berg
      Counselor / Accommodations Specialist
      Call: 715.788.7126
      Email Rachel
    • Heidi Diesterhaft
      Accommodations Specialist
      Call: 715.788.7142
      Email Heidi
  • Credit for Prior Learning
    • Andrea Timblin
      Student Services Assistant
      Call: 715.788.7069
      Email Andrea
  • Dean of Students / Manager of Enrollment
    • Justin Johnson
      Dean of Students
      Call: 715.788.7184
      Email Justin
    • Casey Lambert
      Manager of Enrollment Services
      Call: 715.788.7193
      Email Casey
  • Financial Aid
  • Ladysmith Outreach
    • Carolyn Welsch
      Outreach Center Technician
      Call: 715.609.7080 
      Email Carolyn
  • Registration & Appointments
  • Student Life Activities, Student Senate
    • Aleesha Drost
      Student Life Coordinator
      Call: 715.788.7147
      Email Aleesha
  • Veterans Student Advocate
    • Stephanie Smith
      Veterans Student Advocate
      Call: 715.788.7087
      Email Stephanie


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