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Measuring Success at Northwood Tech

With a focus on continuous improvement, Northwood Tech conducts research studies and implements other strategies to measure our success and effectiveness as an institution of higher learning. Annual or ongoing efforts are made to assess:

  • Learning outcomes for our students.
  • Graduate success.
  • Return on investment for taxpayers and residents.
  • Community and employer training needs.
  • Other areas of interest to the college and the communities we serve.

For additional information about the College's research, contact the Institutional Research Office

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Graduate Follow-Up Survey Results

Each year, Northwood Tech surveys graduates to find out how well their degree or diploma prepared them for their career. The results reveal an impressive record of academic excellence and valuable career perspective. The trend continues as Northwood Tech released the results from its most current Graduate Follow-up Survey. 

95% of Northwood Tech's 2019 graduates are employed and 73% are employed in a job related to the training they received at Northwood Tech. Additional data by division, program and campus can be found in the following document.

Download Executive Summary

Download FY19 Graduate Follow-Up Results

Additional Research, Resources and Reports

Institutional Publication of Student Outcome Data

  • Enrollment

    • Northwood Tech serves over 17,000 students annually; generating over 2,100 full-time equivalent.
    • For additional detailed information about student enrollment, including gender and ethnicity, and divisional, program, and campus breakouts, see the Northwood Tech Fact Book above.
  • Graduation Rates
    • Northwood Tech's 3-year cumulative graduation rate from first-time program enrolled students is 65.4% (2017 cohort).
  • Persistence/Retention
    • 2019 Persistence -- credits successfully (C or better) completed is 83%. Northwood Tech's Fall to Spring retention rate is 80.7% (2019).
  • Licensure Rates
    • Licensure exam pass rates for the following Northwood Tech programs are linked off the individual program pages. Individual programs with licensures are listed below.
      • Dental Assistant
      • Medical Assistant
      • Nursing-Associate Degree
      • Nursing Assistant
      • Occupational Therapy Assistant 
      • Paramedic Technician
  • Gainful Employment

    • The gainful employment page provides student consumer information and gainful employment disclosures for qualifying certificate programs, including program length, estimated cost of completion, median loan debt, and on-time completion rates. View gainful employment information for technical diploma programs on each program's webpage.
  • Retention
    •   2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
      Fall to Spring Retention 80% 81% 80%
      Fall to Fall Retention 71% 70% 69%
      Source: Cognos Reports CSWSR021 and CSWSR022



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