Distinguished Alumni

2022 Distinguished Alumni

The Distinguished Alumni Award was created to honor career achievement and community service. Annually since 1992, the College has presented Distinguished Alumni Awards to outstanding diploma and degree graduates. Alumni selected for the award have distinguished themselves professionally in their careers and have demonstrated extensive service to the college and their community.

Becky graduated from Ashland’s Medical Assistant program in 1998 and in 2001 with an Associate Degree in Nursing.  Becky has continued her education earning both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.  Her career has included many facets including supporting patients and the community in a hospital setting, public health setting, as a nursing educator, providing pediatric quality improvement support in an ambulatory care setting, and now as a Director of Shared Services Departments in a multispecialty healthcare organization. 

“My technical college education was foundational to my career success.  I started my educational pursuit after high school in a university setting studying pre-veterinary science.  After starting my family and having a healthcare experience as a patient, I decided to pursue a nursing degree.”


Stewart graduated from New Richmond’s Automated Packaging program in 1980.  From New Richmond, Stewart’s career took him into the Twins Cities and then to Florida where in 2009 he started his own packaging machinery company.  His career has taken him to 61 different countries and 49 states.  He has a patent pending with the Campbell soup company and over 85% of the fresh soup market in the US is using their fillers to package soup. 

“Because of my schooling and the opportunities that were put in front of me I was able to grow personally in social skills which gave me a lot of confidence in myself and with those things as well as my work ethic made me into a much better person than I was back in 1980. My schooling allowed me to travel to 61 countries learning about all different types of cultures abroad which was an eye-opening experience and gave me a great deal of respect for others and ways of doing things.”


Donny graduated from Rice Lake’s Marketing program in 2008.  His career has taken him to several stops around the country including the Twin Cities, Atlanta and Dallas.  His current position is a Chief of Staff for a C-level executive, in charge of all AT&T Consumer Broadband.  He is very active in his community having served as youth leader, ministry outreach (mission trips), online/digital graphics, sound/AV, guitar, and most recently digital outreach via online gaming groups.

“The courses I took were core to selling and marketing, which is the avenue I entered upon heading into the workplace. I was able to utilize concepts and learnings from my sales and marketing coursework to immediately start ahead of my peer group just starting out with my company, many of whom did not have a degree of any kind.”

Heather graduated from Superior’s Marketing program in 2010. After an internship with the United Way, she discovered a passion for the non-profit sector. She has been employed by the University of Superior Alumni and Foundation office since 2012. She is currently the Director of Alumni Relations. In 2019 she received the Spirit of Superior Award for her work on the UW-Superior 125th Anniversary activities and their All-Class Reunion in 2018. 

“My technical college education has played a very important role in my professional and personal life. After high school I attended a technical college in La Crosse for interior design. I wasn’t sure what path I wanted to take career wise, so I decided to give the technical college route a try. The experience was life changing for me – I moved away from home, stepped out of my comfort zone, made great friends, and learned valuable skills in a field that I continue to be passionate about to this day. When I returned to school as a non-traditional student more than ten years later, I was a working mom of two busy kids. I entered the Marketing program at Northwood and was blown away by the experience. I learned so much, had amazing instructors with real-world expertise, and walked away feeling empowered and that I could do anything I set my mind to.”

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