Scholarships & Financial Support

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Wondering who should apply? If you need a financial boost to achieve your academic goals, apply today. Many awards are based on financial need and other career goals. We know life gets in the way and our donors are here to help. The Northwood Tech Foundation presents more than $200,000 to nearly 500 students each year. 

Scholarship applications are now closed.  You will be notified of your award status after Thanksgiving.

How to Apply

View Endowed Scholarships

External Scholarships

There are also numerous external scholarships available with varying deadlines. Please check back often as new opportunities are continually being added. 


  • Guidelines & Eligibility

    • The Northwood Tech Foundation provides two scholarship sessions each year.
      • FALL: Applications available fourth Monday of September · Deadline: first Monday of November
      • SPRING: Applications available third Monday of March · Deadline: fourth Monday of April
      • There are no exceptions to these deadlines. Students are responsible for ensuring applications are complete and submitted by the posted deadline.
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      • To access the scholarship system, students MUST be enrolled and have a Northwood Tech Student ID.
      • Eligibility is based on specific scholarship criteria and may be based on campus designation. [Scholarships are valid only for the designated award year and are not transferable to other campuses.]
      • Scholarship recipients (including Liberal Arts students) must be enrolled in a minimum of six credits in an Associate Degree or Technical Diploma program in the semester the scholarship will be applied to their account in order to receive the award.
      • Must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards (SAP), which require students to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a 67% cumulative completion ratio. Falling below either or both of these requirements in two successive terms will make a student ineligible to receive a Foundation scholarship.
      • Students must reapply each scholarship review period for consideration.
      • Start College Now students are eligible if they meet all requirements listed above.
      • Online program students must designate a campus to be matched with scholarship opportunities. 
    • Scholarship awards are applied to a student’s Northwood Tech account as follows:
      • April application deadline – applied to following fall tuition
      • November deadline – applied to following spring tuition
      • Recipients who fail to attend classes or drop out of Northwood Tech are required to reimburse the Northwood Tech Foundation in full for all scholarship funds disbursed. 

Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to all scholarship recipients from Spring 2023! Scholarships will be applied toward tuition for Fall 2023.

  • Ashland
    • Student Scholarship
      Gwenievere Alleva Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Star Ames Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Faith Basina Northern State Bank Scholarship
      Breanna Bednarik Ashland Special Event - High School Scholarship
      Breanna Bednarik Spears - Laberee Scholarship
      Hailee Cadotte Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Macey Cegler Charles and Carol Levine Scholarship
      Lafe Charlson M and I Bank Scholarship
      Lafe Charlson Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Hunter Chenier Enbridge Energy Scholarship
      Hunter Chenier Northern Clearing Scholarship
      Lacie Defoe Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Joseph Deters Live Like Lincoln Memorial Scholarship
      Ella Doubek Mindy Grubisic Memorial Scholarship
      Kayla Dudley Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Jerricca Garton Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Samuel Hannagan Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Shania Hanson-Milligan Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Kathryn Hawbaker Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Danielle Holz Ashland Special Event - Program Scholarship
      Royce Kiefer Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Hanna King Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Amanda Koch Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Anakwe Lagrew Celena's Caring Community Award
      Trei Laroche-Theune Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Hanna Larson Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Yamila Maurizi Lee Howard Scholarship
      Yamila Maurizi Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Abigail McPherson Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Morgan Meierotto Ashland Nursing Club Scholarship
      Morgan Meierotto St. Luke's Healthcare Career Scholarship (ASH)
      Lahaela Mika Henry C. and Susan Martinsen Scholarship
      Lahaela Mika Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Tamsin Myers Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Nathan Parent Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Nathan Parent Blue Cross/Blue Shield Scholarship
      Danielle Pavlak James A. Ogilvie Scholarship
      Anderson Podschun Ashland Regional Community Scholarship
      Sarah Pospychalla Adam Lavasseur Memorial Scholarship
      Kristen Ramme AWARDS Scholarship
      Kristen Ramme O'Leary Scholarship
      Caitlin Redinger Valia and Rinaldo Bonacci Scholarship
      Caitlin Redinger Helen (Happy) and Frank A. Lulich Memorial Scholarship
      Kaylea Ritola Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Darlene Rivera Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Luisa Roa Rodriguez Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Jada Spicer Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Desiree Velazquezs Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Arianne Vernetti Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Daniel Walsh American Federation of Teachers-Wisconsin Local 395 Scholarship (Ash)
      Daniel Walsh Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Kristina Wright Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
      Jessica Zakovec Marlys Nortunen Memorial Scholarship
      Erica Zentner Onan Family Scholarship (Ash)
  • New Richmond
    • Student Scholarship
      Danielle Adelman Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Alison Anderson Lyle Teppen Memorial Scholarship
      Matthew Ayala Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Caleb Bankston Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Amanda Bergstrom Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Michelle Clute Judy Stafsholt Scholarship
      Halie DeRosier Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Kelly Dimler Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Zoey Duden Avalene and LeRoy Swanson Scholarship in memory of Scott Swanson
      Taylor Erickson St. Croix Valley Employers Association Scholarship
      Cali Espino John & Mattie Iverson Family Scholarship
      Carly Fleischhacker Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Robert Funk Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Tiffany Garnica The Angel Fund Scholarship
      Jewel Gavin Compeer Financial Agriculture Scholarship
      Courtney Gerner Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Logan Grass Soltis Family - Tony Area Scholarship
      Cassandra Hanson Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Tyra Hoke Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Rachael Holle Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Benjamin Hulberg Northwest Building Inspectors Association Scholarship - (NR)
      Jeffrey Hutton Fred D. Ricci Memorial Scholarship
      Sydney Jensen Al Franko Agriculture Scholarship
      Samuel Jerry Twin Cities ISA Automation Scholarship
      Jennifer Johnson E. Jean Bruegl Scholarship
      Kaila Kastens Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Vanessa Kottke Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Josie Krueger Rotary Club of New Richmond Scholarship
      Caden Langeness Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Kaylee Langer Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Isabella Lansin Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Lora Larson First National Community Bank Scholarship
      Diane Laurence MN Veterinary Medical Foundation Technician Scholarship
      Kayla Lynum American Federation of Teachers-Wisconsin Local 395 Scholarship (NR)
      Joshua Mealey Curtiss and Elaine La Mirande Anderson Scholarship
      Joshua Mealey Johnson Motor Sales Scholarship
      Kristina Mechelke Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Katie Meck Brigadier General Arvid M and Mona J Flanum Scholarship
      Katie Meck Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Joseph Norris GOn3 Phishing! Scholarship
      Leslie Nyholm Val Peltier Memorial Scholarship
      Emily Palumbo MN Veterinary Medical Foundation Technician Scholarship
      Martina Parker Perry O. Kepler Memorial Scholarship
      Chloe Peterson Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Isabelle Peterson Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Wyatt Reindahl Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Anthony Robertson Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Noah Rud Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Kyler Rundquist Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Abby Schirmers New Richmond Masonic Lodge Scholarship
      Ashley Schmidt Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Katherine Schmitt Compeer Financial Agriculture Scholarship
      Jaime Scott Judy Stafsholt Scholarship
      Brianna Shaw Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Timothy Shay Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Jacob Siegel Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Autumn Smith Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Stephanie Stevens Robert Knowles Scholarship
      Josie Sullivan Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Josephine Taylor Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Wendy Wade Judy Stafsholt Scholarship
      Emma Wagner Avalene and LeRoy Swanson Scholarship
      Christine Ward Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Bryce Weyand Nexen Machine Tool Scholarship
      Jennifer Wukawitz MN Veterinary Medical Foundation Technician Scholarship
      Megan Zimmer Judy Rogers Whiteman Memorial Scholarship
      Megan Zimmer Onan Family Scholarship (NR)
      Ashley Zimmerman Lyle Teppen Memorial Scholarship
  • Rice Lake
    • Student Scholarship
      Bryce Adkins Rice Lake Computer Club Scholarship
      Braydon Ahlberg Rice Lake Lions Club Scholarship
      Braydon Ahlberg Zac Myers Construction Scholarship
      Gina Allen Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Bryce Bader Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Ashley Belousek Skip and Carol Mae Widdes Scholarship
      Emmaline Bergmann Rice Lake Area Men's Club
      Sydnee Borelli Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Mitchell Bradford Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Jane Busse Kathleen Ritchie Memorial Scholarship
      Julia Camen Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Kendra Cassell Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Hunter Degerstrom Northwest Building Inspectors Association Scholarship (RL)
      Hunter Degerstrom St. Croix Valley Home Builders Association Scholarship
      Donia Derousseau Robert and Ethel Herold Memorial Scholarship
      Ashley Dominick Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Sage Eichman Tashina Guthrie Memorial Scholarship
      Lori Ellingson Dittloff Family Memorial Scholarship
      Jacqelene Erdahl Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Caitlyn Esterly Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Shauna Fischer Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Rebecca Frey Marshfield Clinic Health System Healthcare Scholarship
      Gianna Froehlich Fishing Tournament Scholarship
      SonnYa Glinski Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Alejandra Guzman Janetski Family Scholarship
      Lainie Hall Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Austin Hamholm Dan H. Gabrielson Memorial Scholarship
      Haylee Hankins Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Morgan Hendricks Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Christiane Herman Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Bethanie Holley Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Tiffany Iorns Thomas B. Lemler Memorial Scholarship
      Bryce Keilholtz Lampert Yards Scholarship
      Alexis Kelch Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Carson Knutson Lampert Yards Scholarship
      Alicia Krusey Dairy State Bank Scholarship
      Lillian Kuhse Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Richard Librande GOn3 Phishing! Scholarship
      April Lipp John Swenson HSED/GED Scholarship
      Samantha Lloyd-Valenzuela American Federation of Teachers-WI Local 395 Scholarship (RL)
      Joseph Loiselle Golden K Kiwanis Scholarship
      Arianna Luebke Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Theodore Lund Derrick Construction Scholarship
      Michelle Makinia Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Tiara Matta Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Sarah Maurer Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Louden McCoy Dan H. Gabrielson Memorial Scholarship
      Alicia McGeshick Kiwanis Club of Rice Lake Scholarship
      Matthew Miller Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Elizabeth Mitchell Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Jonny Monn Lynn Fowler Memorial Scholarship
      Lianna Muschinske Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Karianne Nelson Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Michael Nelson Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Gail Olson Health Careers Scholarship
      Matthew Olson Robert and Ethel Herold Memorial Scholarship
      Grace Pagenkopf Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Brandon Papp Rice Lake Opportunity Builders Scholarship
      Ian Parker Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Mercedes Petersen Frank Kelley Scholarship
      Janessa Petit Rice Lake Rotary Club Scholarship
      Pria Popowski Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Trent Pritzl Brendan Shipley Memorial Scholarship
      Ericha Raffesberger Rice Lake Rotary Club Scholarship
      Desiree Ries Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Hope Rimarcik Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Jacob Ritchey Evelyn Mommsen Nursing Scholarship
      Adam Robotka Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Madison Rose Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Broderick Schneider GOn3 Phishing! Scholarship
      Drew Schulz Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Rachelle Sedani Charlie and Juanita Peterson Scholarship
      Mandy Selkow Rigler Family Scholarship
      Jessica Sila Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Madysen Simpson Quanex Building Achievement Scholarship
      Kerry Stage Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Kori Steffen Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Ashley Stephens Health Careers Scholarship
      Elijah Svendsen Johnson Financial Group Scholarship
      Rayann Tallman Erin Elizabeth Memorial Scholarship
      Isaiah Tretsven Rice Lake Nursing Club Scholarship
      Richard Tyler Jr Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Brietta Vasser Rice Lake Area Men's Club
      Charles Vincent GOn3 Phishing! Scholarship
      Elaina Westendorf Harry V. and Marie Barthman Memorial Scholarship
      Sarah Wohlk Fortnightly Club Scholarship - In memory of Beulah Haugen
      Diana Wolf Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Justyce Woodard-Schroeder Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
      Kisila Yahola Enbridge Energy Scholarship
      Hannah Zacharias Evelyn Mommsen Nursing Scholarship
      Kelli Zimmer Barron County Sunrise Rotary Scholarship
      Delaney Zwiefelhofer Onan Family Scholarship (RL)
  •  Superior
    • Student Scholarship
      Christopher Abbas Nexen Machine Tool Scholarship
      Tapenga Anderson St. Luke's Healthcare Career Scholarship (SUP)
      Makayla Anderson-Dodrill Superior Campus Scholarships
      Baylee Barningham Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Ashley Bartz James Quinn Memorial Scholarship (Sup)
      Maddex Biolo Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Kimberly Bladecki Superior Administrative Coordinator Scholarship
      Eden Bonnevillle Parenteau Industrial Maintenance Scholarship
      Mirlande Brande Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Adam Breister Sam, Harriet, and Kaye Lavine Scholarship
      Jessica Brown William H. and Olga M. Munnings
      Danae Bryant Melinda Boswell Scholarship
      Donald Carlson Joseph T. & Myrtle C. Rogina Scholarship
      Devon Christman Superior Elks Lodge #403 Scholarship
      Chelsea Church Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Mackenzie Cook David M. Johnson Scholarship
      Mackenzie Cook Virginia Scholbrock Business Scholarship
      Mackenzie Cook Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Quinlan Dahl Frank Vidas HVAC/R Scholarship
      Quinlan Dahl Twin Ports Chapter Construction Specifications Institute
      Marianna Dallum Superior Water, Light, and Power Scholarship
      Kiley Dauria Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Jonathan Fish Twin Ports Chapter Construction Specifications Institute
      Jonathan Fish Decker Family Leadership Scholarship
      Lisa Flyen Superior Student Senate Scholarship
      Jane Fontenot Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Aaron Gilhoi Jim Hasart Memorial Scholarship
      Aaron Gilhoi Nexen Machine Tool Scholarship
      Nicole Goblirsch Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Nicole Goeke Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Colleen Gustafson Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      May Heidel Fred and Joy Baue Scholarship
      Shana Holling Superior Student Senate Scholarship
      Cabrina Hopkins Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Jennifer Huesby Medical Careers Scholarship
      Megan Hughes Rudolph and Clarice Erkkila Memorial Scholarship
      Kayla Hunter Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Stephanie Jago Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Drifton Johnson Nexen Machine Tool Scholarship
      Linda Johnson Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Lilly Jokinen Theresa M Lambert Nursing Scholarship
      Tara Jones Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Sheila Kinder Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Kinsey Klasnich Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Holly Koivisto Medical Careers Scholarship
      Summer Loberg Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Joshua Madsen Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Maria Madsen Rudolph and Clarice Erkkila Memorial Scholarship
      Calvin Mansheim Petro Choice Scholarship
      Nicholle Mcnew Dianna Marquart Business Education Scholarship
      Drew Meierotto Isabell M. Kresky Memorial Scholarship
      Samantha Midbon Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Grant nordin Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Jamie Okonek Judith M Wochos-Leiterman Scholarship
      Elissa Olson Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Olivia Olson Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Rhiana Ormston Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Sara Osell Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Jonathan Palay Dr. Roger and Louise Thompson Scholarship
      Olivia Pangrac Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Wyatt Parker American Federation of Teachers-WI Local 395 Scholarship (SUP)
      Abigail Petruga Medical Careers Scholarship
      Jeffrey Philipsek Superior Nursing Club Scholarship
      Madeline Pusateri Rudolph and Clarice Erkkila Memorial Scholarship
      Nyah Ratcliff Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Jesika Resendez It's Never Too Late
      Tristan Ristow Northwest Building Inspectors Association Scholarship - (SUP)
      Molly Robinson Sandra J Laub Nursing Program Scholarship
      Jada Rochon Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Matthew Rodriquez Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Lukas Rowan Roderic J Campbell Charitable Trust Academic Merit Scholarship
      Andrea Schlais Superior Campus Scholarships
      Brittni Shelton Eileen Olson Memorial Scholarship
      Zacheery Sherman Celia and Steve Tarnowski Scholarship for Students With Dependent Children
      Kaylee Silverness Theresa M Lambert Nursing Scholarship
      Amanda Simonsen Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Dakota Slama Superior Optimist Club Scholarship
      Isabelle Stuard Richard M. and Janice M. Parish Scholarship
      Sheena Swanson Medical Careers Scholarship
      Lynette Swenson Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Logan Tollefson Rudolph and Clarice Erkkila Memorial Scholarship
      Logan Tollefson Superior Savings Bank Scholarship
      Gene Tylee Nexen Machine Tool Scholarship
      Paul Walsh Onan Family Scholarship (Sup)
      Nicholas West Fraser Shipyards Welding Scholarship
      Sierra Wilson Superior Staff Scholarships
      Kaydence Young Vogtman Family Scholarship

Northwood Tech Promise

College Tuition Assistance for Area High School Graduates

The Northwood Tech Promise Scholarship, funded by the Northwood Tech Foundation, provides free college tuition for area high school graduates who meet program eligibility requirements. The Northwood Tech Promise Scholarship will pay the balance of tuition and fees for eligible students after federal and state grants are applied. Tuition will be covered up to four terms (pending eligibility requirements each term).

View eligibility guidelines and apply here

Scholarship Questions? 

Please contact Angela Scott, Annual Giving Specialist.

Email | Call Angela

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