Board of Trustees

About the Board of Trustees

Northwood Technical College has a nine-member district Board with members serving three-year staggered terms. Each year, three members are appointed by a committee consisting of the county board chairpersons of the counties belonging to the Northwood Tech District. Wisconsin Statutes require that the Board consist of two employer members, two employee members, three additional members, one elected official who holds a state or local office, and one school district administrator. The Northwood Tech Board of Trustees approves and monitors College goals and outcomes (ENDS statement) and is a liaison to our customers and the community. The Board ensures that the College is well-managed and supports an environment in which the College will accomplish its mission of putting Learning First.


The duties of district board members are to:

  • Provide governance for the college
  • Attend monthly Board meetings
  • Represent the College at state and national meetings
  • Be involved in the life of the College
  • Evaluate the President
  • Perform other duties


Board Members 2023-2024

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