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16 hours | Licensing Course

Experienced Rider

Continuing Education

8 hours | Licensing Course

Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake, Superior

Whether you’re a brand new rider or have years of experience, motorcycle safety courses at Northwood Technical College will teach you safe techniques to riding a motorcycle. 

Motorcycle Classes

Students are required to bring personal safety/protection items for the on-cycle range portion of the class. See details, including enrollment and eligibility requirements in the important class details below. 

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About the Courses

  • Required E-Course: Due to new curriculum set by the State of Wisconsin, all students are now required to take an online course prior to the start of the Basic Rider course. The cost of the e-course is $19.99 and is separate from the cost of Northwood Tech’s Motorcycle course. You can register for this course at Once there, click “Enroll Now” under Basic eCourse. When you finish the online course, print your Completion Certificate and bring it with you to to the start of your Motorcycle class. This is required in order to continue onto the range. Failure to complete the online course prior to the start of class will result in a failure to Northwood Tech’s Motorcycle course. No refunds will be given if you fail to do the online course before the start of your Northwood Tech Motorcycle class.
  • Basic Rider: This 16-hour course is approved by the Department of Transportation.  It is designed to teach the beginner or experienced rider the safe techniques to riding a motorcycle.  It consists of 6 hours of classroom and 10 hours of on-cycle instruction. See additional requirements, eligibility and what to bring to class below.
    • Scooter Safety: A limited number of Basic Rider courses are also approved for those wishing to complete Scooter Safety. Students must bring their own scooters to class that meet specific criteria. See page 2 for important class information.
  • Basic Rider Course-2 (aka Experienced Rider Course): The basic rider course-2 (BRC2) is a one-day (8 hr) class for riders who have their own motorcycle, have been riding for one to three years, and have accumulated 3000 to 5000 miles on their current motorcycle. If a rider does not have their Wisconsin Class M Endorsement, they may still participate on a Wisconsin motorcycle Instructional Permit. The BRC2 course also serves as a license skills test waiver in Wisconsin. This course in not intended for a true novice rider. See additional requirements, eligibility and what to bring to class below.
    Goals for the course include:
    •Improve on a rider’s street strategies 
    • Refine basic motorcycle skills 
    • Improve techniques
    • Gain a greater knowledge of risk awareness and risk management while riding
  • 3 Wheel Basic Rider: Pick up the basics and acquire confidence in handling a 3-wheel vehicle in a controlled and safe environment under the supervision of a certified instructor. Register through CanAm by visiting them online:

Important Class Information for Motorcycle and Scooter Students

  • Class Eligibility
    • This Class is physically demanding. You need to be able to balance a bike and power walk motorcycle to the range. If you have general questions about the motorcycle safety classes, please call 800.243.9482.
  • What you need to bring to the range for all on-cycle exercises?
    • Each student needs to bring the following items to class:
      • Helmets -Department of Transportation approved 3/4 face or full
      • Full-finger, flexible gloves
      • Over-the-ankle low healed footwear
      • Long-sleeved shirt or jacket
      • Long pants
      • Eye protection
      • Rain gear, if needed (class will be held rain or shine).
  • Where are the classes held?
    • Northwood Tech Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake, and Superior Campuses. Room assignments will be posted.
  • Do I need motorcycle insurance for class?
    • Comprehensive protection is provided for the bikes and students through WIDOT.
  • Do I need my motorcycle instruction permit before taking the class?
    • No. You need a valid driver’s license or valid driver’s license instruction permit.
  • Do I have to take a driving test before the DMV will issue my license?
    • No. Passing the Basic Rider Course waives the driving test.
  • If I take your class, do I still need to take my written test at the DMV?
    • Yes. The state requires you to pass a written test, to get your Class M license. You can take the written test either before our class or after you complete the Basic Rider Course.
  • Can I bring my own motorcycle?
    • No. Motorcycles used in the program are Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha and are owned by WITC and the WI DOT. If you are taking the class for a scooter, see additional details in the scooter section.
  • What if it rains?
    • This class will run rain or shine so be prepared with rain gear or additional clothing.
  • What happens if I’m late for class?
    • You will be asked to leave and will not be able to complete the class. You will need to register and pay for another class.
  • What if I am unable to attend my class?
    • This is not an option. You must attend ALL class dates. If your schedule has changed and you are unable to attend your scheduled class, please notify us as soon as possible so others are allowed to fill your spot. Refunds will only be issued with at least 5 business day notice. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of class fee.
  • Will I receive any type of confirmation?
    • If you register online, you will receive a confirmation and receipt immediately and a class reminder via email.
  • What is the evaluation process?
    • There will be a 50-question multiple choice test and a range performance test. Both must be passed by established standards in order for the student to be recognized by the MSF as a course graduate. Students who successfully complete this course may receive waiver of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation skills test when applying for their motorcycle endorsement, providing other licensing requirements are met.
  • Who needs a waiver form?
    • Waivers are required for:
      • Any teen between the ages of 15 ½ and 17. Parental permission is required. A parent needs to accompany you
        to your first class to sign a waiver form or needs to come to the Northwood Tech Continuing Education Office prior to class
        start to sign a waiver form.
      • Anyone who has had three motorcycle permits but never gotten their license must have a waiver before being
        eligible to obtain a fourth permit.
      • Anyone who has failed 2 motorcycle road tests with the DMV.
  • What the requirements for a scooter class?
    • Scooter - students MUST bring their own scooters that meet the requirements below.
      Note: Any scooter model manufactured for on-highway use that meets the following criteria as published by the original
      equipment manufacturer and/or distributor may be used in a WMSP/MSF recognized (SBRC) Scooter Basic Rider Course.
      • Parameters for Use of Student-Owned Scooter:
        • Engine Displacement: 60cc up to and including 400 cc
        • An unladen weight of 400 pounds or less
        • A seat height of 30’’ or less
        • Must be a two-wheel configuration except - Piaggio MP3-250 & MP3-400
        • Student must provide proof of insurance and be named on the policy
        • Proof of ownership must be provided by the student OR written and signed permission by owner presented to Northwood Tech
        • Scooter must pass T-CLOCS inspection and be signed off by a RiderCoach
        • Student must have Class M Instructional Permit (IP)
        • Student must sign a “damage” waiver (WITC is not responsible for damage that may occur to their scooter)
        • Student must sign WMSP instructional waiver
        • Scooters that have been modified from the OEM specifications may not qualify for participation in the course

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