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Professional Development 

It is recognized that professional growth is an important and integrated part of the college's organization to improve and expand on the efficiency and productivity of all employees.  The College Board recognizes the need for an ongoing program of professional growth and enrichment due to rapid technological, shifting economic, and social changes.

Employees may satisfy the college's professional growth needs through educational activities as adopted through a College Plan for Certified Positions.  These activities should be of such a nature as to be directly related to job functions and responsibilities for the purpose of improved job performance.

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If you have questions regarding professional development,  please contact:

Christy Kobernick, Director, Training & Development, 800.243.9482 or 715.468.2815, ext. 2244


Certification / FQAS

Post-Employment Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS) Expectations

The College has a process in place to ensure faculty teaching credit coursework, full-time and part-time, meet the minimum requirements of the Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS). The FQAS process at Northwood Tech begins shortly after the instructor is hired. The instructor will be sent forms from the Human Resources (HR) Department requesting permission for the College to obtain official transcripts and verify previous work experience as required by the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS). This process is used to ensure that faculty have the appropriate education and prior work experience to support the course(s) he/she is assigned to teach.

Under FQAS, faculty teaching credit coursework are required to complete FQAS competencies in the following content areas (full-time within three years of the date of employment and part-time within five years of the date of employment):

  • Course Design
  • Teaching Methods & Technology
  • Behavior Management
  • Assessment
  • Student Success
  • Data & Evidence Analysis
  • Embracing Diversity

Transcripts received are reviewed for learning acquired that meets FQAS requirements. In addition, faculty are given credit for prior completion of FQAS requirements at other WTCS Colleges. Individuals may also develop a portfolio to document learning acquired through training or work experience pertinent to FQAS requirements.

Opportunities to complete FQAS requirements are offered each semester through the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) and Northwood Tech and information is provided via email when opportunities are scheduled. Please talk to your Supervisor about development opportunities that may be appropriate.

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