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Northwood Tech Challenge Exams - Test out of what you know. 

Do you already have knowledge and skills that meet the intended outcomes of a Northwood Tech course? Find information on the process and list of challenge exams available at Northwood Tech below. 

Challenge Exam Procedure

You may have already acquired the knowledge and skills that are actually the intended outcomes of a particular course. The type of exam you take varies depending on the subject. It may be written, verbal, practical, or a combination. Please be aware that Northwood Tech is not required to have challenge exams for all courses. A list of current challenge exams is available below. 

Understand that Challenge Exams are evaluative, rather than learning experiences. Results indicate only whether you have earned credit for prior learning: pass or fail (no score is available, nor is a report of how you performed on the exam.) Results will be emailed to your Northwood Tech email account within one week of taking the exam.

If you would like to complete a Challenge Exam please review the information below and then email Jami Koivisto at or call 715.752.8475 to discuss the Challenge Exam.

  • Essential information
    • A non-refundable fee of $90 must be paid prior to taking any exam.
    • Must be enrolled in a program that requires the course.
    • Successful students must request a class withdrawal and will receive a 100 percent refund.
    • No letter grade is assigned; CR (credit) is recorded on academic transcripts.
    • Credits obtained through challenge exams are not included in your overall gradepoint average.
  • Determine whether you are eligible to take a challenge examination.
    • You may apply for credit for prior learning after you are admitted to a specific program.
    • If you are not enrolled in the course, you may take the exam at any time as long as you have met any prerequisite/corequisite requirements.
    • Students currently enrolled in the course (or intending to enroll in the course) must take the challenge exam at least two weeks prior to the course start date. If you are successful, you must request a withdrawal from the course and you will be given a full (100 percent) refund.
    • You may retest for the same exam after one year from the date of the first attempt.
    • You are ineligible to take a challenge exam for a course in which you have previously received a final grade (A through F, excluding W).
  • Determine if passing a challenge test will affect your financial aid.
    • Credits earned through challenge exams are not included in the active credits for the term and, therefore, cannot be used when determining financial aid eligibility or enrollment status. Contact the Student Services Office for more information.
  • Determine whether you are likely to pass the examination.
    • Information sheets that tell you about the exam and list the competencies it will test are available by clicking on the course link from the challenge exam course list. Your instructors can advise you as well.
    • A grade mastery level of 80 percent is required to pass most exams, unless otherwise specified. 
  • Schedule a date and time to take a Challenge Exam.
    • For more information or to find out how to schedule an appointment:
    • Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made to ensure access to academic programs, activities, services and employment in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAA). Students with a documented disability must request accommodations by contacting the campus Accommodation Specialist and following required steps to obtain accommodations at the post-secondary level.
  • Report for your testing appointment.
    • Bring any permitted materials listed on the information sheet and your test fee of $90.
      • Ashland – Educational Technology Center (ETC)
      • New Richmond – Student Services Office
      • Rice Lake – Student Services Office
      • Superior – Educational Technology Center (ETC)

National Exams 

If you completed a national examination you may be eligible to receive Northwood Tech credit if you meet required scores. Click on the individual links below to see how the exams transfer to Northwood Tech courses. 

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Advanced Placement (AP) 

AP exams are available to you in high school upon completion of AP coursework. You may also prepare for an AP exam through individual study. Have your official score sent to Northwood Tech Admissions (score recipient code 1580) from the College Source.  

Download Northwood Tech AP Exam Crosswalk

Advanced Placement Information

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CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)

CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) recognizes college-level competence you have achieved outside the college classroom. General Examinations cover the content of a broad field of study and Subject Examinations cover the specific content of a college course. Have your official score reports sent to Northwood Tech Admissions (score recipient code 1580) to receive credit for Northwood Tech coursework. 

Download Northwood Tech CLEP Exam Crosswalk

Learn more about CLEP


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DSST exams provide you with the opportunity to obtain college-level credit for what you have learned in nontraditional ways. 


DSST (Dantes) National Exam Crosswalk

Learn more about DSST

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IB (International Baccalaureate)

IB (International Baccalaureate) offers you a continuum of international education coursework that encourage both personal and academic achievement, challenging you to excel in your studies and personal development. Have your official transcript sent to Northwood Tech Admissions to receive credit for Northwood Tech coursework.

Download Northwood Tech IB Exam Crosswalk

Learn more about IB

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