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Medication Assistant

Technical Certificate

2 credits | 108 hours

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This certificate provides a laddering opportunity for current Certified Nursing Assistants.


Program Overview

This program is for certified nursing assistants who will, upon completion, be involved with administration/distribution of medications to residents in a skilled care nursing facility. Employer approval and proof of work experience are required.

This program will prepare students to administer medications to residents in a nursing home. 

The Medication Assistant program provides classroom, laboratory instruction and supervised practice by the student's sponsoring facility/nursing home. The program is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Office of Quality Assurance. Students who successfully complete the course have their nurse aide registry information updated with a medication aide designation.

Program Outcomes

After completion of the certificate, employers will expect graduates to be able to:

  • Adhere to the scope and practice of a medication assistant
  • Administer medications as allowed by DHS 129 regulations
  • Adhere to the rights of medication administration and safety
  • Protect client rights and confidentiality

Career Outlook

Typical positions available after completion include:

  • Medication Assistant
  • Medication Aide


Helpful Information

For more information on this program, scheduled sites, and how to apply, contact:

Stephanie Johnson
Medication Assistant Program Director
Email Stephanie

Medication Assistant Functional Abilities Disclosure

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