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Northwood Tech 2022-2023 Graduate Follow-Up Survey 

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Northwood Tech 2022-2023 Graduate Follow-Up Survey 

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Northwood Tech 2022-2023 Graduate Follow-Up Survey


Typical positions available after graduation include:

A police officer performing a traffic stop

Police Officer*

Police officers protect lives and property. Job duties differ by employer and function, but police officers typically: respond to emergency and non-emergency calls, patrol assigned areas, conduct traffic stops and issue citations, search for vehicle records and warrants using computers in the field, obtain warrants and arrest suspects, collect and secure evidence from crime scenes, observe the activities of suspects, write detailed reports and fill out forms and prepare cases and testify in court.
*To become employed as a police officer, Criminal Justice Studies graduates must also successfully complete the Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement 720 Academy.

A Corrections Officer working with inmates

Correctional Officer*

Correctional Officers follow and enforce rules to maintain order within detention facilities. Correctional Officers supervise inmate activities, provide care and correctional treatment, and manage inmate holding areas. A Correctional Officer is responsible for upholding facility security, inmate conduct, and inmate accountability.

Typical positions available after graduation include: 

  • Youth Care Workers

  • Detention Workers

  • Private Investigators

  • Security Officers

  • Dispatcher

  • Park and Forestry Personnel

  • Victim Witness Advocate

Transfer Opportunities

After completing the associate degree program, graduates may apply for the 200 Basic Jail Officer Academy or Criminal Justice Law Enforcement 720 Academy.

Typical positions available after completing an academy include:

  • Police Officers*
  • Deputy Sheriffs*
  • Correctional Officers*
  • Probation/Parole Agent*

With additional education or work experience, graduates may also pursue a position as a(n):

  • Adult/Juvenile Administrator
  • Institutional Case Worker/Social Worker*
  • Probation/Parole Administrator*
  • Youth Counselor/Case Aide*
  • Youth Detention Home Supervisor
  • State Patrol/Troopers*
  • DNR Warden*

* Individuals must obtain a license to work in these professions.


Hear From Graduates

"At Northwood Tech, you will receive a quality education from educated instructors. In the Criminal Justice Studies program, the teachers also had on-the-job experience. This made the program much more educational and enjoyable. The College prepares you for a long, successful career, and you will not be disappointed!" 

Zac N., Criminal Justice Studies Graduate


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