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Manufacturing & Trades

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From basic skills to advanced courses, learn about topics including automotive maintenance, electrical code, engines, machining, plumbing, welding, and more.

Manufacturing & Trades Classes

Manufacturing and trades classes are often held in Northwood Tech's modern lab facilities, where you can learn and practice your skills in a hands-on environment under close guidance from instructors.

About the Courses

Sample manufacturing and trades courses include:

  • Basic Auto Transmission: Learn or refresh your skills working with transmissions. Your instructor will introduce you to manual and automatic transmissions. Understand drive shafts, differentials, and drive axles. Work directly with four-wheel drive systems and drivetrain electrical systems.
  • Electrical Code-Electricans: This course covers the Wisconsin State Code (SPS316) and National Electrical (NEC) Code. Receive 24 state CEU points for your certification if you attend eight of the ten classes. The curriculum is designed for electrical workers and wiremen who will use electrical code on the job. It also covers the code revisions, formulas, tables, and the intent and general use of the code. This is a primer for all code certification tests.
  • Machine Tool Operation: Gain the basic skills necessary to safely operate machine tool equipment at the beginning and intermediate levels. Through group lecture and demonstrations, learn safety, set ups, proper feeds, and speeds of machine tool equipment. An advanced lab opportunity is available for students demonstrating competency in safe operation of machines.
  • Welding: This course will include oxy-fuel, shielded metal arc, gas metal arc, and gas tungsten arc welding processes. Class is designed for the beginner and individuals looking to advance present welding skills.

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