Health Education Center

Health Education Center

505 Pine Ridge Drive Shell Lake, WI 


The Health Education Center provides health-related education to all locations within the Northwood Tech district. 

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Walk through the building and watch short videos on high-tech equipment and student experiences at the Health Education Center.

About the Health Education Center

The Health Education Center is geographically centered in the Northwood Tech District, allowing students from all four campuses to have access to the latest innovative equipment and simulation experience to build confidence in their skills.


To provide a dynamic and innovative health education center to advance inter-professional learning resulting in safe, high-quality healthcare for Northwestern Wisconsin communities and beyond.


Create a comprehensive health care curriculum that:

  • Enhances the use of simulated learning
  • Utilizes virtual and telehealth experiences
  • Advocates for and promotes patient care and safety
  • Supports the application of healthcare-based skills
  • Promotes collaboration between inter-professional groups
  • Employs evidence-based learning
  • Invites progressive engagement of student learning
  • Fosters collaborative community relationships

Hear directly from students and instructors about their experience at the Health Education Center in this video.


Students practices skills in a telehealth space

Telehealth Experience.

Students view a body on the anatomage table

Innovative Equipment.

Students use the occupational therapy assistant kitchen space

Multifunctional Spaces.

How often will I have classes at the Health Education Center? 

Schedules are set up to make the most of your time and travel to the Health Education Center with only a few days per term on site. Review the schedules below for specifics requirements. 


Health Education Center

505 Pine Ridge Drive

Shell Lake, WI 54871

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