IT - Web and Software Developer

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IT-Web and Software Developer

Associate Degree

62 Credits | 2 Year

Financial Aid-Eligible

New Richmond, Online

Career Cluster: Information Technology

The IT-Web and Software Developer program will teach you how to create websites, web applications, Windows Forms, Java applications and how to create, manipulate and maintain databases. You will learn how to code in HTML, JavaScript, C#, Java, PHP, JSP, Servlets, ASPX and also to work with MySQL and SQL Server databases.

Program Overview

Web and software development teaches you how to solve problems. You will learn how to read/write in multiple languages, understand the concepts of object oriented programming, smart software design, troubleshooting, debugging and creating solutions.

Program Outcomes

IT-Web and Software Developer graduates will be able to:

  • Design web and software applications
  • Apply data persistence technologies
  • Develop software applications
  • Develop web applications
  • Develop documentation
  • Use infrastructures
  • Analyze new technologies
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The software/website industry is continuing to grow; Internet applications are becoming a way of life. The skills you learn in this two-year program can help you get a start in this field or jump start a four-year computer science degree. The courses in this program are project intensive; the majority of your time in the classroom or online will be spent creating solutions using different programming/web technologies. The courses will teach you how to develop, how things work and why to use certain strategies. 

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High-salary potential.

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Learn the how and the why by doing.

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Small class sizes. 


All classes are offered in person at New Richmond or online. 

Part-Time Option

The IT-Web and Software Developer program accommodates your life by providing a 3 and 4 year part-time schedule to complete your education, making it easier to work around childcare, work, and other responsibilities.

Language of Technology

While working for your degree you will learn the web technologies of HTML, ASPX, JSP, Servlets, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery. You will also learn to write software using C#, Java and how to work with databases, write stored procedures, and work with Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL. 

Transferable Skills

Not only will you gain skills as a developer, but you will hone skills working with Windows, browsers, database management systems, and integrated development environments. These skills are transferable into any web and software developer career.

Required Courses

The Information Technology-Web and Software Developer program offers flexible course offerings both on campus and online to fit your life and learning style. The college continuously evolves program content based on recommendations from industry leaders, ensuring current expertise after graduation.

Explore the Required Courses

Featured IT-Web and Software Developer Courses

| 3 CR
Students plan and develop well-designed websites that combine effective navigation and a balanced use of text, images, and color. Emphasis is on understanding HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), accessibility, and responsive Web design. Students use media queries, CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid to create responsive websites that are easily viewable across a wide range of devices.
| 3 CR
This course covers using Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio to design and create databases, tables, views, functions and stored procedures. Students will learn to script all creation and modification of tables, views, and stored procedures. Students will also explore how to encrypt data, and best practices for working with SQL server. PREREQUISITE: 10152100 Database Concepts and SQL.
| 3 CR
Beginning Java familiarizes the student with the fundamentals of the Java language including data types, operators, expressions, and conditional statements. Students learn how to set up an environment for developing Java web programs, define classes and utilize class objects. Students explore object-oriented programming concepts including encapsulation and abstraction. Other topics include string manipulation, Collections, Array Lists, Exception Handling, and creating professional looking end-user interfaces. This course covers software architectural patterns, such as model-view-controller (MVC). Students also learn to communicate with a database. COREQUISITE: 10152135 Program Logic and 10152101 Web Design and Development

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Estimated Total Program Tuition 2024-25*

IT-Web and Software Developer

62 Credits | 2 Years


*Tuition is an estimate and does not include any miscellaneous fees for various courses, tools, books, supplies or uniforms. Program book costs are in addition to tuition and fees and vary depending on course selection and where the books are purchased or rented. 

After the Northwood Tech IT-Web and Software Developer Program

Upon completion of the program, you will earn an IT-Web and Software Developer associate degree. 

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