Traffic Safety for Point Reduction

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Traffic Safety for Point Reduction

Continuing Education

12 hours | Required course

Ashland, New Richmond, Rice Lake, Superior

Learn about defensive driving strategies, risks and consequences of aggressive driving, safety belts and air bags, Wisconsin traffic laws and penalties, speeding and crash risk on the road. This course meets the requirements for Fail to Yield Right of Way tickets.

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This in-person class is offered at all campus locations on a regular basis. It is certified by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.


Participants of the Traffic Safety course will examine their driving behavior and review traffic laws and penalties. Emphasis will be placed on ways to drive responsibly. The Traffic Safety class will show participants how to develop a change plan to reduce their risk of traffic violations and crashes. Students who successfully complete this Traffic Safety class may be eligible to receive a three-point reduction from their driving record. This class also meets the requirements for anyone that has received a "Failure to Yield Right of Way Violation" 2011 Wisconsin Act 173-346.18.

About the Course

The Traffic Safety for Point Reduction course is designed to reduce the number of violations and crashes in Wisconsin, and is certified by the Department of Transportation.  Emphasis is placed on modifying high-risk driving behaviors. 

The course consists of a minimum of 12 hours of interactive education. Upon attending all hours and successful completion of the course, students can have a three-point reduction on any point total accumulated against their Wisconsin driving record, if they have not attended this course in the past three years. 

This class also meets the requirements for the traffic violation: failure to yield right of way - 2011 Wisconsin Act 173 - 346.18. 

In this course, you will:

  • Examine your driving behavior

  • Receive information about Wisconsin's traffic laws and penalties

  • Review defensive driving strategies

  • Receive information about the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving performance

  • Develop a Personal Change Plan to reduce the risk of traffic violations and crashes

  • Three point reduction option 

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Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Driver services and other helpful resources and information.

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