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Start at Northwood Tech, Transfer and Save

Northwood Tech has developed transfer agreements with four-year private colleges and universities in the University of Wisconsin System. Transfer agreements may contain course-to-course equivalencies, while others provide for a total program transfer.


Five Reasons to Start Your Education at Northwood Tech

  1. Close to home. - Don't want to travel to start your bachelor degree? Northwood Tech offers numerous programs and general classes that transfer out. Some university students even take generals over the summer while at home that they can apply toward their university education when they return to their four-year school in the fall. 
  2. Jump right into your favorite subjects. - Taking a Northwood Tech program before transferring to a four-year allows you to start getting in-depth and personal with your core subject areas of interest sooner. At universities, much of your freshman and sophomore years are spent on general coursework. 
  3. Save money! - You can save up to $10,000+ when you transfer to a University of Wisconsin System school and that's not counting the cost of living in residence halls/meal plans.
  4. You can still live like a traditional college student, if you want to. - If you're looking for that traditional college experience, attend classes at the Ashland or Superior campus while living in the Northland College or UW-Superior residence halls, respectively. The Rice Lake campus also has the nearby Glenwood Commons available for student apartment living.
  5. Earn while you learn and save more money! - Cost savings is worth repeating twice. Earning your associate degree before going on to your bachelor's allows you to work in your field earlier while you are finishing out your bachelor's degree.  It's a win-win. Imagine the possibilities of what that extra experience and time in your field may mean upon completion of your bachelor's. 


Prepping for your transfer

If you are already planning to attend a four-year college or university after attending Northwood Tech, it is highly recommended that you talk to an admissions counselor or academic advisor at the four-year college of your choice.

Requirements vary from institution to institution and an admissions counselor or aca­demic advisor can help you plan your coursework to optimize your transfer of credit into your major. Since the transfer and acceptance of credits is determined by each college, Northwood Tech cannot guarantee that your credits will transfer.



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Northwood Tech's Transfer Agreements

Northwood Tech has developed partnerships with other two- and four-year colleges and universities to provide you with the opportunity to continue on your career pathway to earn a bachelor’s degree.  

See Northwood Tech transfer agreements

Check How Credits Transfer to the UW System

The Transfer Information System (TIS) website has been developed by the University of Wisconsin System in cooperation with the Wisconsin Technical College System. The purpose of the TIS is to help students understand their options and provide information about transferring credits and programs between the two systems.

Transfer Information System

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